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<p>Перечень основных игроков с долями на рынке; Импортеры; Производители; Экспортеры; Профили.</p>
<p>Динамика экспорта и импорта в денежном и количественном выражении; Объемы производства; ТОП20 производителей; Основные экспортеры и импортеры с объемами поставок; Ключевые покупатели с объемами закупок; Экспортные и импортные цены (FCA, EXF, др.); Динамика продаж и емкость рынка.  </p>

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This site is a project of the BFC Company - Number 1 on conducting marketing researches . Without diminishing the importance of the individual marketing researches, which we also successfully carry out for our customers, we understand how important is the speed of accessing to information about the market and consumers. In this regard, our company gives the chance to you to get qualitive market report based on prior researches, that contains the key information on Your market

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Marketing report contains key information on the market, including: Market capacity, Sales dynamics, Imports, Exports, Key market players (Competitors), Consumers, Medium-term forecast of market development

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High quality primary and secondary statistics, as well as effective IT system of data processing are the key to real analysis.

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We offer a wide range of market intelligence far beyond Ukraine. When analyzing the global markets we use back-vertical-umbrella research techniques and other methods.

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We have a highly professional team (c) extensive experience. We have completed over 400 analytical works and developed more than 100 various business plans.

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